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Meetings Successful

As we look ahead and start the 2019 racing season we held our driver's registration meetings today in Merlin Ontario. We would first like to thank Dan And Jeff Newham for allowing us to use the fantastic racing shop. We started off with an interest of competition meeting for the Mini Stock division. With the interest in the class being enough online and the presence for the class at the meeting we are happy to announce that in 2019 we will have a mini stock division. We will follow the same rules as the other Ontario tracks. Rules can be found on www.ohswekenspeedway.com for the time being if you wish to build or find a car for this division. The second meeting on the day was for the Mini Mod division. This meeting showed that the division has got far from what the original intent was to be.

The Speedway has determined it in the best interest of the division to take control. We thank you all for your input.

It's been decided there will be no second meeting which was discussed to allow for voting on different rules.

The Speedway has noticed a trend in the division that some drivers are asking for changes to benefit the own agendas. The speedway will set the rules and you must abide by those rules. The rules have clearly stated since the beginning of the division no port work of any kind is allowed. The pocket is still considered a part of the port. If your machinist uses a tool that cuts under the valve in any way or uses any type of blending to conceal it, is considered as the port being altered and will not be allowed. Please understand this. The use of aftermarket rods and other parts will not be up for discussion. Understand that OEM parts do have a fatigue point. Its recommended that an rpm limiting device be used as stated in the rules. The ongoing issue with a mud deflector will be resolved by allowing a closed style deflector. no open styles that direct air to the cleaner. Wheels . There will be no welding allowed. The speedway has opted to allow bead locks instead as a safer alternative. Can be run on any corner. ( not mandatory ) The third meeting on the day was for the Thunder Stocks and was cut and dry. They will follow the rules put out by the Ontario Dirt Competition Committee Fourth on the day was The late models. They will follow under the ump rules but opted out of being sanctioned allowing crate cars to follow ether there sanction rules or ump rules by the crate engine section of the open late rules. Crates must follow one or the other not a combo of both. The final meeting of the day was for the Modified's witch opted to follow and become sanction by UMP. We thank all the drivers and crews that did attend today's meetings. We are working hard on the 2019 schedule and it should be out shortly.

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