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AEMT Double Header Weekend!

The American Ethanol Modified Tour is set to invade the Speedway this Friday and Saturday night. This will be the series first international venue. he format for the weekend will be a bit different for all divisions.

The modified Top 10 finishers in Friday night’s the A-Main will earn a provisional starting position in Saturday night’s A-Main. No starting positions will be locked for Saturday night, from Friday night. If a car finishing in the top 10 on Friday night, does not transfer into to Saturday’s A-Main though heat races, that car will be eligible to use the provisional starting position, earned on Friday night, to be guaranteed a starting spot in Saturday’s A-Main. A full rundown on the AEMT format can be found here

https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/0fb86d_7c8cd131b5ed46c79cf087651a34265d.pdf Our other divisions will follow the top 10 from Friday earn provisionals. The drivers will pill draw , have qualifying heats, the top 3 in each heat will redraw, and a A-main on Friday night. However this where they differ from the Modified division as the mods will time trial for heat race starting spots. Drivers will still need to qualify on Saturdays through their heats for top 3 redraws and starting positions. positions 1-9 will be from our heat race redraw cars pos 10-24 will be 4th back or provisional cars.

Friday nights events will not be for home track points. Saturdays event will be for home track points.

Pit notes.

Driver pay outs from Friday night will be available on Saturday. We will not pay out Friday night (unless you a modified driver from the US heading home)

Saturdays pay out will only be available what time is it for the AEMT drivers after the night it over . All others will be available the following Saturday.

We will continue to use the following week system untill our new staff can quickly come up with the nights end results (in effect for at least the next 2 weeks).

Race orders will be posted shortly.


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