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Track Update Sept. 9th 2022

As most of you are now aware the Speedway has been closed due to some building code issues as the speedway is still under construction.
With this said we have been in contact with the people needed to bring everything up to code to finish off our 2022 season with one final championship night event.
The process seems to be moving steady and we should have more new information on Tuesday to hopefully announce our plans on finishing off the 2022 season on the track.
Thank you
-Henry Kroeker

WEEKENDS Latest Results 

Saturday    Aug 20th, 2022

Late Models
1st  #36 John Pinsonneault
2nd #47B Joe Brosseau
3rd #22S Brian Speelman

1st  #09D Joel Dick
2nd #5x Tim Richardson
3rd #14 Mario Toniolo

Mini Mods
1st #N64 Dylan Bonner
2nd #46 West Bertozzi
3rd #8m Sean McNally

Thunder Stocks
1st  #96 Steve Shaw
2nd #98 Andrew Mailloux
3rd #96T Todd Shaw

Mini Stocks
1st  #747 Ryan Beaulieau
2nd #N64 Dylan Bonner
3rd #50 Ken Fraser

Hangover 150
January 1st  2022

Brett Reaume
October 09th 2021

Dirt Track
September 11th 2021

Dirt Track
October 23rd 2021

Dirt Track
October 08th 2021

Dirt Track
September 18th 2021

Dirt Track
October 02nd 2021

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